Best hair removal system

Using different hair removal systems nowadays is beginning to become popular. It has even become a must-do in the developed world. Today, there are many techniques in getting the hair removed, such as waxing . There are different sort of hair removal systems that exist on the market, and heaps of new strategies are still being developed. Here, the top three preferred hair removal systems all are different types. In this manner, you can pick which technique is best for you that would fit on your position, comfort toleration and desired results.

Many people find that removing hair is a trial and error process. Some prefer to wax and some prefer to shave but which method is best? And which hair removal system achieves the best result?

– Shaving
Shaving is easy and painless, when you know how. Many of us find that we nick, cut and even gouge ourselves when shaving. It does take a lot of practice and can cause a nasty shaving rash when finished. It can also be expensive. You have to pay out for a razor (or disposables), a blade, shaving foam and after shave balm. All of this needs to be replaced every month or so and can accumulate quite a bill. Although shaving does have its downsides it is probably the quickest hair removal system.

– Waxing
Waxing can be a great hair removal system when done properly. It can leave you hair free for up to two weeks. However, if you try to do it at home it can become painful, messy and extremely undignified! Waxing is best done by a professional which unfortunately we cannot all afford. You can buy pre-waxed strips that you can use at home but these often leave a patchy finish and are still quite painful.

Depilatory creams
These creams are by far the easiest hair removal system to use. You simply apply the cream and then wipe it off again. The down sides are that they can smell a bit and not all are suitable for sensitive skin.

The above hair removal systems all have one thing in common. They do not remove the hair completely. There are products that can remove hair for good (and no, no harmful lasers are involved). They work just like a depilatory cream but give a more permanent result. No pain, no fuss, just a few applications of a cream and you are hair free for life. Sounds to me like the best hair removal system all round!

Laser removal of hair has the entire industry in a rage these days. However, the strategy can be quite expensive although the results are close to permanent. Proponents would say that it is more cost-effective than waxing or any other hair waxing system in the long term. The process, though, is reasonably unpleasant. It should be kept in mind to undergo such procedures only with a trained professional. If this advice is not heeded, those who are undergoing this removal system for unwanted hair might add up to the disaster stories that have been heard.

Learn About the Laser Hair Removal Cost


Perhaps you’re considering laser hair removal but you are dissuaded from having the procedure, thinking the cost might be extremely high. Do you know that several patients surprisingly discover that the usual cost of this process is affordable? Laser hair removal cost is going to depend on different variables, including the size of the area that’s being treated (legs, bikini, face) among other factors. You may discover more about laser hair removal costs by reading this article. Although this article will be laser hair removal cost in general, you can find specific information on other websites such as laser hair removal cost las vegas.


Laser Hair Removal Cost

The normal price of this procedure is between $150 and $500.This, as has been mentioned before, is going to depend on the area being treated. In majority of instances, the smaller surface area to be treated means the treatment price is also going to be lower. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons report indicates that the average cost of laser treatments in the US is $429.


Averagely, the price of this kind of treatment in the smaller, bikini area ranges between $350 and $500. On the other hand, the price of treating a bigger or larger area, like the back averages, per treatment session, between $600 and $900. But the treatment of the chest area is going to cost you between $350 and $600. And for the lower and upper legs, you may expect to pay between $600 and $850 whereas on average, the arms will cost you only between $ 350 and $500. The cheapest area to treat are the underarms, where you expect to fork out between a range of $250 and $350. However, removing the hair on your neck and face is similar, in cost, to laser hair removal on your back, with the costs averaging, per treatment, $600 to $900.


On a yearly basis, the normal price of laser hair removal may be often cheaper when compared to waxing.


Factors Influencing Laser Hair Removal Cost

Two main factors are going to influence the cost of laser hair removal. They are:

The treatment area

The laser hair removal system


Normally, smaller treatment areas like the bikini area and the face,comes with the cheapest costs, whereas the larger areas, such as the back and the legs will cost more. When you’re considering this procedure, it’s pertinent to remember that treatment length varies, and majority of the patients need at least 4-6 sessions to reduce permanently hair growth on their legs, back, bikini, face, arms and other areas. Due to this, the prices are sometimes discounted when several sessions are bought at once. This may prove to be an effective way of maximizing the results while at the same time minimizing your expenses.


Even though the laser hair removal cost of repeated treatments may be high, often there are available alternatives for the financing of the procedure. You ought to learn those options when you intend to undergo the process.


Affordable Laser Hair Removal

Several procedures need multiple treatments to generate the best outcome. Even though, ultimately, this procedure may prove to be less expensive when compared to other methods of laser hair removal, the price might still be challenging for a number of patients to afford without some form of help. While majority of providers provide discounted package costs for multiple treatments, also there are several financing options which patients may use to settle the cost of the procedure. Majority of providers are going to accept payment with major credit cards, and cosmetic surgery centers offer in-house financing plus installment plan alternatives. In other instances, credit from an independent financing company affiliated with the specialist may be a way of getting affordable laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal


For our purpose, Laser hair removal is described as a procedure by with undesired hair is removed by means of exposure to pulses of laser light which in turn destroys the hair follicles. This procedure had been done experimentally for about 20 years before it became a widely accepted commercial option sometime in the 1990s.

With Laser hair removal, the very root of the hair is targeted beneath skin surface with the use of laser light. So let’s consider the cost of this, just how benefiting this process is and also the down sides.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Each Laser hair removal session is said to cost averagely $230! But you don’t have to take my word for it, take the words of America hair Society of Plastic Surgeon for it. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons puts on record that an average laser hair treatment session at $ 235. A bit expensive I will say. We will consider some of its benefits now.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

As we may well know, Laser hair removal is a very popular cosmetic procedures in this era. The hair follicle is permeated, reaching down to destroy the hair on the face, under arm, legs or even bikini lines.. The benefits are listed as follows:

1. Precision: Laser is able to select specific target. A good example is when you just want to take out only coarse hairs in a body area but, the laser precision is able to pick only the hairs and leave the skin surrounding it undamaged.

2. Laser Speed: Each targets only takes a slit second, thus many hairs are removed at almost the same time. For instance, the upper arm takes less than a minute to treat while other larger areas like the back can take about an hour.

3. Predictability. After an average of six laser hair treatment sessions, a good number of patients record permanent hair loss.

Some more benefits can be found here:

Now, let’s consider the down sides.

1. Recovery: it takes about 48 hours for your skin to return to normal because laser leaves the skin looking and feeling like sunburn. Also you may have to wear sunscreen for the next month as your treated hair falls out. I mean we don’t want the treated area to change color right?

2. Blisters: these are not a common side effect but it is very likely in dark complexioned patients. Some patients also deal with temporary redness, swelling and scaring after the laser treatment.

Some of the other drawbacks can be found here: